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December 11, 2008



When jobs are in short supply, those who have a relatively secure one are going to be less inclined to apply for an alternative. Swapping jobs may even be beneficial to the national economy. But an authoritative welfare regime will discourage job swapping further -- better to stay where you are than take a risk.


The sad thing is that this government only thinks in terms of ticking boxes ( the Baby P) case is a classic example - every box was endlessly ticked and look what happened)


As much as I admire your posts on other subjects you're talking rubbish on welfare reform as per normal.

Firstly the million people into work is meant to come from Incapacity Benefit recipients (of which there are 2.6 million or so).

This study from the PSI & IFS(http://www.dwp.gov.uk/asd/asd5/rports2007-2008/rrep435.pdf) shows that the main intervention to increase requirements on recipients (they had to attend 6 interviews) led to a sutained increase in a person's chances of employment. The increase was from 28% to 35% chance of work 18 months after coming onto benefits.

The White Paper appears to suggest the number of interviews that incapacity benefit claimants will need to attend will double, and in addition they will be required to undertake some training or other preperation for returning to work. that would seem to be a logical extension of a policy that has been shown (after a long term study) to work.

I'd call that a fairly sensible and well thought out approach but seeing as your thinking on welfare reform doen't go much beyond an ill defined citizans income (not payable to migrants) I suppose you must be right.

Whether the changes will make a difference of one million by 2015 is more doubtful but there is likely to be a considerable impact given the available evidence.

Also the concept of a job that 'suits'a person is patronising in the extreme. I don't work in my job because it 'suits me' - I work to support myself and my family. And I'm glad i do. I also think it is fair that in return for receiving benefits people should be asked to take steps that help them engage with the labour market. And it would seem that is a widely supported view. Democracy hey? What a bitch.


In the interim, I wonder if there could not be a two tier incentive scheme. those willing to work and retrain would get a higher rate of benefit.


It will create employment. There are lots of extra government jobs involved in its implementation. Jobs that previously unemployed people would be well-qualified to do, perhaps.


"The upshot was that people went into low-earning work, or jobs that didn’t last."

Look love, when you dumped a mixed economy for a 'service economy' based solely in the London and SE England, i.e. the most expensive area of the country, you (the voters, not you personally!) destroyed pretty much everything that was not low-earning, temporary work. You now have a 'coolie' economy based on an ever-increasing number of immigrants from poor countries, who are the only people desperate enough to be tempted by crap jobs and wages offered by the Arfur Daleys. Needless to say they soon realise they can't survive any better than the natives on crap pay, so each wave of immigrants gravitates (like the natives) to welfare, the black economy or crime, to be replaced by the next wave of desperate third-worlders, who soon realise ..., and so on. The only ones (native Brit or recent emigrant)who have the skills, energy and survival skills emigrate to less insane countries. I meet plenty of brown and white skinned Britons here in Australia. Now we have to stop our own greedy, short-sighted politicians panting to lead us down the same primrose path to perdition.


That makes no sense to make it harder to find and get jobs and yet have layed back unemployment rules and regulations. I think most people will take the path of least resistance.

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