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December 10, 2008



That's the last thing Purnell would do. While it may placate the left, it would create some space for the Tories to operate in. By coming up with announcements that sound like they are "tough on benefit scroungers" they are emasculating the Tories. It looks like the MSM has fallen for it, so Call Me Dave is out-manouvered again.

Luis Enrique

"An efficient economy requires that some people be unemployed, because the disutility to them of working, and the hassle their colleagues and bosses suffer from working with idiots, outweighs their puny productivity"

This is like one of those movies where the director gets us to sympathize with the bad guy before confronting us with our own moral debasement. Sucker us in with talk of higher benefits and no real obligation to look for work and then bam! hit us with the logical extension - the unemployed should be left on the scrap heap where they belong. But that's how the right wing thinks about the unemployed, oh no I have become a monster!

Stop twisting my melons man.

But if you really do think that the (non-frictional) unemployed are so because it is efficient they be so (in terms of private returns: they are not productive enough to employ nor to want to work) and you also think that unemployment makes people unhappy and has all sorts of negative externalities, especially nasty intergenerational ones, then what's the optimal policy response? If social benefits exceed private, that justifies state job creation, does it also justify state coercion into employment? If not, then even with state job creation (which isn't exactly unproblematic in itself) won't an unconditional benefits system still leave a large number of chronically unemployed ... which is a sort of leave them on the scrap heap answer. What is a left winger to do? I don't know.


"The real point is that welfare claimants' have no strong motivation to find a job because they lose more in benefits than they can earn in net wages. Until the Powers That Be grasp this simple fact, all this tinkering achieves nothing." Mark Wadsworth today


Is it just me, or does James Purnell look like a trainee estate agent?

Bob B

"Is it just me, or does James Purnell look like a trainee estate agent?"

Or even a trainee banker.


"Is it just me, or does James Purnell look like a trainee estate agent"

Nah, more like a second-hand car salesman....

Matthew Cain

Building on your post about Karen Matthews and cognitive dissonance, Matthew Taylor has an interesting view on welfare reform and cognitive dissonance: http://www.matthewtaylorsblog.com/politics/welfare-reform-our-confused-attitudes/


"Is it just me, or does James Purnell look like a trainee estate agent"

Are you kidding?

He looks exactly like a hobbit straight out of Tolkein's Lord of the Rings... although internally he's more like Golem!

David Yuill

Who in the hell is that hooray henry,it's hard to believe that arse pieces like this exist...this twat probably masturbates in an SS uniform,whilst listening to the HORST WESSEL SONG.What a dinosaur....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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