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December 02, 2008



Nice one Chris. Reminds me of the old conundrum about 3 chaps each paying £10, getting back a pound each and the waiter pocketing £2. Except 3x£9 = £27 +£2 = £29 as opposed to £30.
Lies damn lies and staistics eh?

Chris Clark

Reminds me of the last one of Guido's howlers.


Here he took the Guardian to task for being unable to add and only revealed his inorance of rounding effects.

I like Guido but he really has to work on this.


The IMF in its world economic outlook do forecasts for full year and Q4 on Q4, so I suggest Guido reads that.


I can see it now, row upon row of Tories being briefed on GCSE statistics before entering an economic crisis meeting.


Guido isn't a Tory....


Almost no-one in politics or journalism is any good with numbers. That's presumably how you come to make a living, Mr D?


Guido isn't a Tory!

Frank H Little

Guido is a Roman Catholic reactionary; that's surely the classic definition of a Tory.

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