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January 08, 2009



I'm particularly against women giving away sex for free - after all, we poor married men effectively give away all our money just so that every now and again we can have sex - and no variety either.....

D iversity


I am indignant with your totally misleding special pleading. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

The fact that your comparison with the automotive industry appears valid is no excuse. True, the porn industry is quite likely to repay government loans, and is supplying a product which is in demand, while the automotive industry is not. But the case for subsidising Starbucks to enable them to reduce their excruciatingly high prices and maintain employment by keeping cafes open is far stronger.

passer by

Why do they have to be outdoors? cant they "shoot" inside? or is it outdoor is our fave flavour? maybe the porn and car industry could get together and give it away as an extra if you buy a car? we could call this a "money shoot promotion", I'm for it as long as I am getting it as well.


Stotter, Mr D.

Mark Wadsworth

Not really. All the innovations for which we have to thank the porn industry arise because of the unfavourable business conditions imposed on them, censorship etc. If you subsidise them then the industry will lose its cutting edge. And the weak pound is good for domestic porn film makers as they will now prefer to film here. And so on.


Predatory pricing is only effective if the supplier is in a dominant position...


One of the dark side of porn is how it limits our sexual freedom and choice. We have no rights to engage in sex with others in a business sense unless we have sex with them on camera. If you need to relive sexual tension, the government wants to tell you that you need to watch porn or find a partner. For those who prefer, engaging in sex with a prostitute would be a good option. Or, visiting a sex club at work or down the street. But sadly, the porn industry controls our sexual freedom -- they bank on the fact that we will use porn a a substitute for the real thing. I personally hope they crash and burn. Lets hope the general public realizes that watching porn is stupid, and decide to seek a real substitute. Unfortunately, we as a society will never tolerate prostiution or sex clubs -- we are scared of real sex. Other countries like Japan do, and they are much more open sexually. I think down the road more people will make porn for free since its enjoyable to get naked in front of others and have sex. Let's hope more women decide to drop their drawers for free and get off on camera. It proves that people want to just get off for real, not with a bunch of paid creeps screw.


Surely under EU rules, any support for the hand-shandy industry would have to be coordinated across the continent? This could be a great opportunity to improve the overall quality of what's on offer - we could have higher-class skin-flicks from France and Italy as an alternative to the usual 'ja ja ich komme!' output from the Dutch and Germans...


Internet porn is a drug its been reported to to end in an addiction, misogyny, pedophilia, boob jobs and erectile dysfunction, according to clinicians as much as it pays the Government at some point we need to treat it with serious health warnings and work towards eradicating it.

Online Porn Business

lol... it actually seems like a ploy to jump onto the bandwagon and get some government funds whilst they are handing out money they don't have... and what a story in would make over a few quiet beers at the pub... "yeah we managed to score $5 billion from the government... all for porn!!!"

Dave Steffensmeier

Wow, I really appreciated hearing everyones point of view. I heard a good debate between both sides. Keep up the good value.



I don't think porn can be related to a drug, especially since porn if watched by a person who has control over his own self can excercise self control.

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He is always right, because he making porn :)

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So, what can I say...about Larry Flynt, here right now in general is a good business idea. If so you will get market all over the world.

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There's a lot to be thankful of with this porn industry. As what have been said, it's got a dominant effect on the rise of technologies. Though this porn business have gone so far and now it's spreading not only on the street but also on the web, and it's for free. In that case, this kind of business must be given its bail.

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A four-man, four-woman panel sided with Hustler publisher Larry Flynt on Friday in the porn mogul's trademark infringement and false endorsement claims against his nephews, who attempted to launch their own line of adult films under the family name. The family feud was the subject of a four-day trial this week in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

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This is just one idea, and perhaps displays no more than my limited imagination. If there are better ideas out there, that amount to more than "implement something called "market socialism" and then - alacazam! - full employment!" then I'd love to hear them. http://www.watchgy.com/ mostly bank deposits, fell by £143.2bn in Q1. And of course there’s no guarantee such buying will continue.

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