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February 13, 2009



I know you like to have a chick in the post but usually there's at least a passing relevance... why is she there?

Luis Enrique

" ... how come you never see a poor one?"

The military industrial complex pays its ideology-legitimizing shills generously.


@Jackart - it's Emma Kennedy (played by Kelly Adams) from Hustle. Not gratuitous at all.

John E

As someone who's come recently to investment and tries to apply logic to the subject, it's hard to find rational policies amongst the witchcraft.
Consider "market timing": and the popular proof that it's infeasible - if you miss the best n days, you lose most of the market's gain.

1. Unless you time the market perfectly, the best n days are surrounded by others - some losses, so no-one will achieve this gain anyway. You cannot just climb the ladders and avoid the snakes between.
2. The converse - missing the worst n days of losses is probably a better policy, given the one-sidedness of the distribution.
3. The momentum of world markets can be a one-way bet - If I sell at £x and buy again below £(x - costs of selling and re-buying), how can I have done the wrong thing?

Or have I missed something?


Aah... She is cute though!


If economists are so stupid to believe in the EMH, how come you never see a poor one?

Because they hide? Or because they are too aware of the risks and put their money in treasuries?


And where are these trillionaire economists, by the way?


There are no trillionaire economists because markets are largely efficient.


Howabout "I’d never have entrusted cash to him" because he was *gambling* with it.

I'm sure no one who would decry you your beliefs.


"If a guy’s so smart, why is he offering to share his profits from anyone who comes in off the street?"

Shades of Horace Batchelor from Radio Luxembourg of long ago.


"If a guy’s so smart, why is he offering to share his profits from anyone who comes in off the street?"

He is not. He is offering to share his profits with anyone who gives him money first. That said, I would want to be sure that he was putting his own money into the same trades as he was putting mine.


A ha, economists unlike say George Soro, saw the $10 lying there and said "Na, its an illusion".

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