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February 02, 2009



That's allvery well, but if you say things often enough and loud enough, even when other people KNOW you are wrong, after a while they start to waver.
For instance, the entire media industry belived Brown when he said he had abolished BOOM and BUST. Even now some say all our problems are nothing to do with him - an assertion he continually makes. As Bill Clinton said, deny deny deny, and its quite hard to prove.


If you’re taking an out-of-consensus view, be careful of the ancillary claims you make

This is a very important one. Many on the right (particularly in the blogosphere) KNEW that inflation had been 10% a year since 1997, or something like that, even though if that was true our living standards would be on a par with somewhere like Romania.


"trays of mince in Ashley‘s shop." Ashley's? I say, Ashley's? What happened to his father?


But many who predicted the crisis did present extraordinary evidence!

john b

No they didn't.

rolex submariner

And a lot of it reflects a switch from bank deposits to securities; foreigners “other investments” in the UK, http://www.watchgy.com/ mostly bank deposits, fell by £143.2bn in Q1. And of course there’s no guarantee such buying will continue.

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