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March 29, 2009



Well put.

Anton Vowl

They look like a bunch of Inspector Morse murderers. Jesus, are they really judging the vanguard of new media?


1) What on earth is Ferdinand Mount doing in such dubious company?
2) They are so au fait with webby things that when I magnify their font sizes so that I can read their pages, the text starts overlaying itself.


Luvvies. Self regarding.

Inverse relationship between quality and hits.

Passing Cameroon

Calm down, lest be accused of being posessed by the green eyed monster! For someone who believes it is trash, you are getting a little too bothered by it.

Don't know Draper by any chance do you?


This is right. Blog awards are drivel. Awards, in general, are drivel. Anything involving veteran blogger (est 2006) Iain Dale is drivel.

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