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April 02, 2009



Naw, that's really unfair on Newsnight. Sure that debate was absolutely pointless and uninformative.

But Paul Mason has been doing a brilliant job of economic journalism all through the financial crisis. His blog is pretty good as well.

Mind you, he might say he wasn't an economist per se, but a political economist.


Yes, I'll exempt Paul from the charge - but by crikey his light is hidden under a helluva thorny bushel.


Paul Mason? The bargain basement Trotskyite? Ye Gods.

Liam Halligan actually says something that you can hang your hat on rather than the amorphous waffle spoken by everyone else in the current circumstances. It's a pity that, having had it up to the neck with that Prince of Smugness, Jon Snow, he felt compelled to leave Channel 4 News: he was one of the few good things on it.


"that wages are not merely a financial transaction but carry all sorts of emotional and psychological weight." The man in the street is, if anything, too aware of this. Often he has to be reminded that a wage is also, among all those other things, a price.


It is partly perhaps for this reason that income (pdf) is a positional good: we get upset when others earn more than us, even if we suffer no material harm from them doing so.

Yep - just ask Tom Scavo, let alone Orson: both are men whose wives have considerable more earning power (and ability) than their menfolk...but that, I suggest, is another blog post.

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