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April 13, 2009



Ah my favourite, gratuitous boobs. Mind you if that's GO's mad wife give me a nutter any day...


It's not Mrs O, but Mrs Draper, aka Kate Garraway. No, I dunno either.


Actually I knew that.. what she can possibly see in Draper is beyond me.. maybe she's the nutter.

AN Apple

Chris, how does this gibe with the cognitive biases you are so persuasive about? Might branding not work by using these biases? Perhaps you could use the salience effect by timing smears to coincide with elections?

Bob B

"McBride, however, represents the managerialist tendency in New Labour"

That flatters it IMO. McBride is just another manifestation of the ascendancy of the McStupid tendency, the same hubris which led on to the failures of all those big banks with head offices in Edinburgh. Hadrian had the bright idea all those years ago.

I'll probably be voting SNP at the general election next year if they put up a candidate in the London constituency where I live to give them a good send off, that or for LIP, the London Independence Party.


If the brand over time merges with reality, then the Sainsbury campaign may have more value than you give it credit for. The purpose seems to be to get people to try Pollack, and allow the sales figures to merge with the reality of a fine tasting and relatively cheap fish. Can't see that the inference that they are simply trying to get people to buy an inferior product holds water.


Bob B. Damian McBride was raised in North London by Irish parents. You are going to have to build that wall quite a bit further south than Hadrian did.

Bob B

Where was Gordon Brown born, brought up and educated?


Bob B - in Fife. The interesting thing is - looked at from the perspective of Glasgow - the Catholic community is very Labourite (most of the City Councillors are Labour and Catholic) so maybe McBride is from that well known west of Scotland/Irish Catholic Labour tendency.As a scurrilous observation lots of them have red hair as well.....
I suppose its very similar to the Asian vote which, in the North of England, tends to be Labour as well.They don't have red hair.


In some of the comment on this story there seems to be a hint that Draper and McBride were trying to win back the 2 million or so voters that Labour has lost because of the invasion of Iraq, ID cards and other substantive issues. If so, that really would be daft. Voters who have been lost because of hard facts are only going to be won back by other hard facts, not by rebranding.

Bruce Davis

if you want a good exposition of the relationship between branding and reality, I recommend watching the final scene of the first series of Mad Men. The protagonist describes a 'new' brand positioning which is based on the human desire for memory and nostalgia based on the existential futility of his own life.

Brands come in many forms - good and bad representations of truths, realities, dreams and needs. New Labour subscribes to the idea that brand can replace cultural meaning with 'invented' rational/emotional meaning (my understanding of managerial culture) - successful though some of these brands are, they need to wake up to the fact that lasting meaning is created in the act of consumption and usage not as an 'evidence based' concept in the minds of marketers and policy wonks.

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