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May 13, 2009



I'd have said on average it attracted a worse sort of MP.....

Kit Collis

That is an interesting graph - what would it look like with the top 5%, 3%, 1%, etc.? Would those statistics make MPs salaries look less desirable (comparatively speaking)?

Bob B

Worth reading this:

"Parliament must be saved from itself - The expenses scandal threatens democracy. Drastic action is needed and cannot be left to MPs" by Prof Vernon Bogdanor


As you say, the average is well above the median. The average is skewed by dickheads at the top who steal money from the companies they purport to run and call it a 'bonus'.

What does it look like compared to the median?

Rupert Stubbs

This graph is a bit meaningless unless you can also show the spread of salaries at different times.

For example, in 1911 it's likely that all MPs were from the educated classes, which would have had far higher salaries than the vast mass of the population. So compared to their possible earning power they may well have been poorly done by.


what about in comparison to other politicians in the West?

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Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago and have been reading it over the past few days.

Bob B

What's new?

Try this news item from December 1997:

And this from November 2002:

I've already mentioned that the cost to taxpayers of MPs' allowances is small beer compared with the billions lost on failed and failing government computer projects.

Bob B

"The head of the army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, today delivered his starkest warning yet to the government about pressures on his soldiers, describing the defence budget as 'unbalanced' and 'heavily skewed' in favour of hi-tech, expensive platforms irrelevant to present conflicts such as Afghanistan."

Pretty obviously, Sir Richard doesn't understand the primary purpose of spending on defence: it's to provide well-paid jobs in or near Labour heartland constituencies to ensure the re-election of Labour MPs, not to conduct effective military operations in fourth generation or asymmetric warfare:

Bob B

As if you didn't know, Speaker Martin started his illustrious political career as a member of the Labour group on Glasgow City Council.

This Sunday Times feature from January 1998 conveys something of the flavour of Labour politics in that council and a few others in Scotland:

This is why I shall be voting for the SNP in the next general election if they put a candidate in the London constituency where I live.

Jobs 16

That is truly interesting to find out this info during the time of war and recession/depression. Will they lower the age to recruit kids down to 16 years old? Mp's do have a tough job that may lead to possible death and or injury so they should be paid a decent wage, in my opinion.

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