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June 22, 2009



Shanksfoor..that, I think.

Are yoos taken the pees?


Aka, Stubbornly Taking Booze.


I love the way you construct these arguments from thin air, Chris. Quite inventive.


This is clutching at straws. Shy or outgoing, you tend to have a fixed budget for drinking. Price goes up = less booze bought. Not rocket science, just basic economics.

Luis Enrique

JimH, this post is about binge drinking, not the overall quantity of drinking.

I don't know whether it's true or not, but Scandanavia does have a reputation for binge drinking, and alcohol prices are high there, so if so, that's empirical support of Chris's idea. I don't know whether the overall quantity of drinking in Scandanavia is lower than in the Southern Europe, would be interesting to know.


Jim H - it's entirely possible for demand for alcohol to fall as prices rise, and yet binge drinking might rise - eg if we reduce the number of one-or-two pint sessions, whilst making a day of it on the occasions we do go for a drink.
"Basic economics" is often an excuse for sloppy thinking.


Good article for justifying drinking! Connecting taxes, shyness and drink is really amazing! awesome writing!

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