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June 29, 2009



Have you seen the Darrin McMahon series on Happiness?

john problem

A massive increase in spending on education for the poor (who are they?) is certainly not going to happen? But hasn't Mandy authorised Gordon to rabbit on about increasing spending on health, crime prevention and education? "Forget Iran, poppet. Let Milly handle that. You've got to stiff arm Cameron with the usual promises, on and on and on."


Does Mandelson actually say "poppet", or are you trying to make a point here?

rolex daytona

And a lot of it reflects a switch from bank deposits to securities; foreigners “other investments” in the UK, http://www.watchgy.com/ mostly bank deposits, fell by £143.2bn in Q1. And of course there’s no guarantee such buying will continue.

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