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June 07, 2009


Mr Art

I like to think of a kind of demand curve for interest in politics. Most people won't pay attention, as long as things are going OK. Which is the genius of [representative] democracy - they can come out to vote when the government starts behaving badly enough, without having to care the rest of the time.

Bob B

As at present, political news can be unspeakably boring and even rather pointless when froth predominates over substance. But the FT reports political developments because those who make business decisions want the best informed assessments about likely future business environments.

It matters whether we have the prospect of a government likely to engage in contracyclical fiscal and monetary policies, a proactive competition policy or, at extreme possibilities, whether Britain is likely to withdraw from the EU or sign up to join the Eurozone in the near future.

Bob B

Just in case any readers from afar missed this latest piece of news:

"The 'peasants' revolt' against Gordon Brown appeared on the back foot today as opponents of the Prime Minister's leadership appeared flagging and divided over tactics."

Rob Spear

Paying attention to politics is really the only way to avoid the periodic outbursts of violence and high taxes that activist governments produce.

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