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June 09, 2009



With 1600 redundancies from Cheltenham and Gloucester anounced today, LDV in administration, and Vauxhall facing an uncertain future, among many others, could it be that MPs had thoughts of the public reaction to a leadership contest called right now.

Do we want to see our MPs fannying around trying to find a happy smiley face to front them up or would we rather see them doing something constructive?


"Perhaps what we need is less cult of leadership and more ways of harnessing everyone’s dispersed and limited skills." It used to be called cabinet government.


"It used to be called cabinet government"

i agree. PMs have been increasingly dictatorial ever since thatcher


I'm struck by how little the hysteria of the last week has to do with the real challenges facing the UK. Our political class appears to be incapable of engaging its collectve brain and addressing the economy, or the environment, or the democratic deficit, or anything else. There has been a great deal of group-think that a new leader or a general election would solve everything. They are more lkely to be a distraction from the key challenges facing the country.


It was obvious at the time of Brown's election that many were banking on him losing the next general election. If MP's such as Johnson thought Brown was going to win the next two General Elections, they would have stood against him


This thing all comes down to the serving of biscuits in the end.

Tim Hicks

Is there a fourth possibility? Perhaps Labour MPs did not "misjudge him so badly". Instead, they faced some kind of collective action problem whereby it was in the interest of no (or few) individual MP(s) to stick their head above the parapet and challenge the Brown-for-leader juggernaut. Dirt held by the Brown machine and/or an inability to agree on an alternative candidate would have made the costs of challenging Brown high and the expected pay-offs low.

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