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July 03, 2009


Joe Otten

Would the government still be managerialists if the media didn't demand that they be?

My guess is that this lot would be, but others maybe not.


Where does that then leave economists?


Economists? If we get it right a couple of times in 100 that's pretty good.On the other hand, I am a firm believer in the cock-up theory of humanity, and, with George Soros, that every action has a reaction ( Newton too for that matter).
Which is why Governments make such a mess of things, because they keep trying to DO something.....


One thing that illustrates how little governments are interested in doing things rather than creating the illusion of action is the frequency with which ministers are replaced. How many education, transport, health, defence and home secretaries have we had in the last ten years? How much time and resources have been wasted on executing this perpetual merry-go-round?


The government are wrong on all sorts of things.

Just look at shared services centres - John Seddon has just posted video that argues that government claims that it will save £15 billion are ludicrously wrong!


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