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July 29, 2009



Take a longer time-series. Gordon (no relation) and Dew-Becker looked at the proportion of income taken by various income percentiles, and found that the share of the top one percent rose dramatically from about 1985 in UK, US, and other countries. Gini doesn't move so radically, but Wikipedia shows a US Gini of about .35 in 1970 and about .43 just after year 2000. UK was about .25 in 1960 and about .37 about 2000.

Over a longer period, inequality has got significantly worse.

I can't make the links work.

Jacques B.


I think you know the papers written by Saez, Piketty and Landais. They show that the most important thing is not the gap between the richest 10% and the poorest 10% but the gap between the richest 1% and the rest of the population...
You post is totally flawed.


Agree with Jacques (although he didn't need to be so harsh!), and I will also say that wealth inequality (i.e. stuff you own) is just as important.

See this for instance (though it's mostly on the US):


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