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July 17, 2009



Concentration goes - also memory and calculating ability. It's rare for leading chessplayers to get stronger in their thirties and their forties see a decline which gets steeper in their fifties. There may be ways to offset this with experience - I certainly hope so, I'm 44 - and the world champion, Viswanatham Anand, forty in December, may feel that he's a better allround player than he was twenty years ago (although he's also a slower one). One also thinks of Viktor Korchnoi, who made two attempts on the world title in his late forties (indeed he was fifty at the time of his second match) and should arguably have succeeded the first time. But in general, it's really hard to play against anno domini.

stop dreaming start action

funny blog, tx for sharing


One can only hope that the Yerkes-Dodson effect also has something in store for us.


That's age y'see, it always gets you in the end

Frank the sales forecaster

Weak it might be, it remains a great myth to use to justify triming the payroll.

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