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August 03, 2009



Harperson is responsible for equality. She basically said Women are better than Men. (Yes she did, she would never say the same thing she did but reverse the sexes, furthermore if an employer did say the opposite of what she said then they would potentially be charged under anti discrimination law. Therefore she herself is guilty of anti-man descrimination and should resign or be fired immediately.

Of course Brown has as many Balls as Harman so that's not likely.


It’s this question that underpins Harriet Harman’s claim that a mixed-gender team makes “better decisions”.

And that's why she's hellbent on replacing men with women in all key roles.


What's it all got to do with Scarlett? I can't quit looking at her.


@John - the story's about women. She's a woman. That's reason enough, I reckon.


Fair's fiar though - I admire Chris for slipping that photo in [relevant, of course]. :)


I don't really think that it makes much difference if there are women in a decision making body or not. It is right that this is the case.

Does it improve their decisions? No I think that they stay the same. The problem is that in top-down, hierarchical organisations, the top body have lots of good ideas, but no knowledge. Therefore all of their decisions will be plausible ideas that will inevitably go wrong because they are removed from the work.

It is a bit of a cul-de-sac to be honest

Tim Worstall

The most amusing finding I've seen is the response to that claim that if we had more women in banks then we'd have less risk taking.

The response being that mixed gender environments encourage risk taking in both men and women: single sex environments (either, all male, all female) reduce it.


single sex environments (either, all male, all female) reduce [risk taking]

This will come as news to the Taliban.


Are we to assume that Scarlett's risk taking is better than eg Brad Pitt's? Personally, I could look at her Atlantic Shelf all day long...



— I'm sorry, were you saying something?


I will say agree that mixed-gender teams make better decisions, but I do feel that men and women are equal. If it's all male, their egos tend to get in the way, and if it's all women their hormones get in the way. With mixed-gender they will, hopefully, even things out. Brains have nothing to do with being male and female, though. Either you have them or you don't.


And a lot of it reflects a switch from bank deposits to securities; foreigners “other investments” in the UK, http://www.watchgy.com/ mostly bank deposits, fell by £143.2bn in Q1. And of course there’s no guarantee such buying will continue.

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