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September 24, 2009



Great heading but I notice you slipped in the "managerialist" thing again, Chris. How about "statist"?

John Meredith

Hang on Chris, a little further down you posted about the legitimacy of 'tacit' knowledge about religious propositions that can only be gained by performative acts. But why should it not also be true that there is a knowledge about politics or about real-world propositions that can only be gained by performance such as the ones you describe? If it is good for religious propositions, there can be no reason in principle that it shouldn't be good for other kinds. I think you need to weaken your position on one or the other. Or are you going to accept that there are truth claims that politicians can make that non-believers cannot, in principle, reject through the mere application of reason?

Nick Drew

the interesting paradox you pose is probably a fair enough conundrum in 'normal' times (suggest invoking doublethink as an explanatory factor)

but today ? noble/dignified vs rationality ?

we should be so lucky: I'm rather afraid that the government has settled for simply surviving each week as it comes

Brown's bare-faced lying is not noble, just shameless

the current G20 posturing is remembered behaviour, the reflex-twitching of a headless chicken

and as for Mandelson, the whole thing is clearly a game to him

Sarah Danes

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