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October 02, 2009


Guido Fawkes

Great tits - it is getting like page 3 here.

Greatly improved.

Luis Enrique

perhaps households borrowed to buy the telly?


@ Luis. Not just the telly. The paper says: "Television access is associated with a greater tendency to purchase and incur debt for new cars." And debt continued to rise in the years after TV arrived. If people only borrowed to buy a TV, it would have fallen in those years, as the TV loan was repaid.

Luis Enrique

sorry, I was being flippant.

there is another paper that takes a similar approach and looks at the effect of receiving Western television on consumption patterns in Eastern Germany



Well we know that you enjoy the Sun now Guido. ;)

Anyway, I don't think you've shown what you think you've shown here, Chris.

You've shown that TV increases the willingness to borrow (at least during the 1950s, the culture causes of borrowing may have changed since then). I haven't read the paper, but from your summary, you haven't shown that this was due to advertising. It may have been, or it could have been the programming. Furthermore, nothing like the BBC was compared, so there is no reason to believe that "the existence of a licence fee-funded BBC is a bulwark against households becoming over-indebted".

I subscribe to the hypothesis that the media (in a chicken and the egg kind of way) contributed to the crisis, particularly with regard to the housing bubble. But there were certainly property shows on the BBC, and not just on ITV, C4 etc, so I see no reason to believe, from your summary of this study, that the BBC was a force acting against the borrowing. It may have done but you haven't presented the evidence.

Ricci Coughlan

As Alex has said, the BBC has become pretty good at creating aspirational television at our expense in more ways than one.

Aspirational Television doesn't need advertising for it to thrive. I think a BBC programme puts it in a nutshell nicely. God bless 'em.

The fact I don't own a goggle box myself doesn't protect me from its influence, but I'm not complaining, they are right, my life is much better with Holly in it (and Charlie).


Chris I think you should do a paper correlating the number of commets you get with the size of the boobs and the pulchritude of the stunna displayed...

Sarah Danes

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