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November 05, 2009



"I’m not sure. This gives weight to second, third or even lower order preferences, which might be weak."

Not equal weighting -- they're merely used in the case of no overall candidate gaining majority popularity, which is fair enough. If you wanted a voting system that resulted in secondary preferences being given a far greater rating, then I'd suggest Borda Count and Condorcet methods.


The reason Brookstein and Jackson didn't sell records is that they were the best of a poor crop. This year's winner will be similar.

And so will next June's.


Can't agree, first past the post practically ensures regular disastrous decisions, and particularly can have nasty intraparty consequences. Look at the USA recently. I prefer preferential voting (for instance the Australian system) but proportional voting systems mostly work out OK (but then again there was Hitler).

I always put it this way, in Australia we vote for the least unpopular politician, under FPTP you vote for the most popular. It says something about the way you look at policians doesn't it.


Your argument about wishy-washyness is an example of a poor analogy. A wishy-washy government is not necessarily a worse choice than a dangerously controversial one (ask Germany for instance).

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