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November 13, 2009



More smackheads than Tories? From what I remember about Glasgow, that's probably true. Mainly because there are an awful lot of smackheads.

Barry Simmons Wicket

A place rich in smackheads votes Labour. Mere chance?

Old Holborn

I've been to Glasgow North East. They have the MP they deserve. They deserved the last one as well.

I'm forever blowing bubbles.

Scotland doesn't deserve the Tory Party organisation it is forced to stumble along with.
How do they keep their jobs?.
5.2% ..... give me strength.


More significant than the number of "smack heads" in the constituency is the the number on state benefits.

Turkeys are unlikely to vote for Christmas.


Smack is probably a more rational response to their situation than voting Tory, given their neighbours' determination to elect a Labour MP whatever the evidence.


It appears that 12,231 of the 13,000 smackheads voted Labour.

Draft Crunt

There were 769 spoiled papers, too.


What's the point of voting Tory in Glasgow North East?

Even if you think that they are the best lot?


Could we build a mile wide canal along Hadrians wall and have customs check points either side? Let them stumble along by themselves.


Heroin's very popular, Chris.


Your average "my dad and his dad" Labour diehard would vote for a steaming turd if it was wearing a red rosette.

I wonder if the sum total of the core Labour vote (employed by the State or on state benefit) equates to their showing in the opinion polls? 25% is it?


Hope not.
I'd be stranded up here with the omnipresent Socialist govt (labour or snp).
What hell !

Disco Biscuit

Heroin is, of course, chemically addictive. As popular as David Cameron is, I don't think he can quite declare that level of salency as yet.


Or the SNP and Labour have more smackheads voting for them that the Tories do. Be a smackhead. Vote Labour/SNP.


"I wonder if the sum total of the core Labour vote (employed by the State or on state benefit) equates to their showing in the opinion polls? 25% is it?"

No, there isn't that many bankers in Springburn, 'Cutting Edge'. Cutting edge of what, exactly - the 19th century?

That's News

As Harry Hill once famously said: "The trouble with Heroin is that it's very moreish."

Andrew Duffin

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are more smackheads than voters in Glasgow North-East.

Darren White

Have any of you ever met a herion addict.
Have you ever seen what id does to respectfull loving law abiding families.

Have you ever watched your Sons chest rise and fall so fast while you hold his hand you expect it to stop.

Maybe you could all use your time to better use and come up with a soloution instead of this poor attempt of humour.

Smack is indeed a scummy drug and in many cases used by scumbags. But not all.
Some people lose thier way.

It doesnt matter where it is being used and who voted what , you think any singular party is any different than the next.You think politicains have to worry about thier children becoming heroin addicts?
What matters is where Heroin is coming from.

Let us concentrate on stamping it out.

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