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December 13, 2009



FBI studies show that blacks in the USA are committing fully 50% of violent crime...Significant when you consider that they make up just 12% of the population...Save your liberal excuses about economic disparity. Being poor doesn't make you commit rape, robbery and murder.


Prejudice cuts both ways.
When an asian student fails, he is lazy. When an african, it is the system.


So "FBI studies show that blacks in the USA are committing fully 50% of violent crime."
Please give the source for this, I can't find it. The source must show convictions, not arrests.


Before suggesting a genetic predisposition for crime in blacks one has to come up with some very very good evidence. Until then, let's take it for what it is: metaphysical essentialism, rationalization of tribalistic superstition, and pure intelectual laziness.

Of course, our congnitive bias makes us assume that behaving decently is our own merit, not the cultural enviroment and the historical time in which we happen to be born (which determines incentives). We wouldn't accept that our ancestor were bloodthirst barbarians or that we are genetically indistinguishable from cavemen. >

So much for the IQ of those idioticly mesmerized by vulgar versions of today's genetic revolution. They hope geneticists may be able one day to explain the fall of the Roman Empire by the emergence of certain genetic mutation; so they can save themselves the trouble of studying their school history.

"Prejudice cuts both ways." says Ortega. Well, yes, prejudice and the self-fulfiled prophecy-myth regarding so called "black culture".


Scott, you save your paranoid excuses about genetic disparity. Being of the nordic race doesn't make you commit rape, robbery and murder (as you seem to suggest without any evidence). No, being an immigrant of the nordic race in 9th c. Scotland doesn't makes you do so. It's a shame you don't live in those good old days when no rule of law was needed because all men were virtuous and of noble stock like yourself.


It's odd that the right underplay the link between poverty and crime because surely this goes to the very heart of the social contract. It is the most basic reason why the right grundingly pay their taxes - it makes it less they'll be coshed on the back of their well-groomed heads.


What is involved in adjustig for 'peer effects' and what it tell us?


"And yet when it comes to crime [the right] seem coy about incentives"

Must be the Left that wants to harshly punish criminals then.


Lots of people are basically scumbags. Well-off scumbags won't go round mugging people or burgling houses - the risk/reward isn't worth it - but they'll fiddle taxes, sleep with the secretary and cheat on expenses claims (cf. a significant number of MPs). Poor scumbags have less to lose.


There is no reason to expect groups to have equal propensities to criminality though. Testosterone, often linked with violent crime, differs between racial groups.

"Mean testosterone levels in blacks were 19% higher than in whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant."


Also, are readily identifiable clusters of genes corresponding to traditional continental ethnic groups. Two groups that form distinct clusters are likely to exhibit different frequency distributions over various genes, leading to group differences.

MAO-A variants which place people at greater risk of aggressive behaviour (in combination with childhood maltreatment) also show different frequency distributions across groups.



Also, note global crime rates are consistent with the rates observed by Liddle.

Rushton, J.P., & Whitney, G. (2002). Cross-national variation in violent crime rates: Race, r-K theory, and income. Population and Environment, 23, 501-511


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