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January 16, 2010


Trevor Brown

As I see it, the standard of living of the majority is not determined by government policy.

People's lives are very much better than they were 150 years ago, but this is not the consequence of wise government or wise elctoral choices.

What has put more bread on the table is agro-technology, and holidays abroad for the masses, aero-technology. I don't see the hand of government in any of this.

All states in the world, are more or less enjoying the same huge advances in living standards, regardless of regime and philosopy.

see for example


Paul Evans

Do you not see the hand of government in any of this Trevor? Are you, in a roundabout way, trying to say that the private sector is totally brilliant at everything and governments just can't do anything properly?

Just checking....


If only Brown could offer the dog-like masses a Vision. If only the little people could see The Truth like Marx and Mill and you, Chris.

Yes, it's difficult for them to do so in the absence of anything as grubby as evidence, but these are Great Philosophers we're talking about here, not managerialists. Collecting data is for swots. All a real intellectual needs to make a case are snobbery and psychobabble.

As I was saying to the AA man the other evening, "Thanks for fixing my car, but---in my ideal world---I would have self-actualized myself along the A27 to the rehearsal studio for band practice and spared you the capitalist alienation".

Tom Freeman

It's a truly miserable paragraph. But he does go on to say:

"people’s aspirations for themselves and their families go beyond the material concerns.

"They are about the hopes they have for high quality care for their parents, the concerns they have about the environment we share, the anxieties they have about the safety of their streets, and the pressures in the feel in balancing work and family life.

"And so I believe that we have before us the chance to have more people than ever before fulfilling their aspirations in the widest sense."

Atrocious waffle, of course. But at least his pitch isn't just 'vote Labour, buy stuff'.

John Terry's Mum


Are you as smug, pompous and boring in reality?

John C Vetterlein

Our shining aspirations.

All things to all men and women?

I fully recognise your aspirations:
bigger houses
holidays abroad
cars . . .
earn and spend,

Yesterday I vowed to save the planet,
today I chuck the planet
upon the scrap heap of political expediency!

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All states in the world, are more or less enjoying the same huge advances in living standards, regardless of regime and philosopy.....

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Garry Brei

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