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February 09, 2010


Paul Sagar


Luis Enrique

well ... I like to be patted on the head and told I'm a good boy from time to time. It's admirable that you feel no need for the approval other others, but it's rare in writers.

Tim Worstall

Well, there's no money for the blog award so pfffft to that. I did like this though:

"must be accompanied by five examples of the blog or website published during 2009. Entries should be in Word or pdf format"


Paul Sagar


If you use your mouse to scroll over some text whilst depressing the right hand button, the text will be highlighted. If you then press the "control" key at the same time as the "c" key, the text will be "copied" onto your computer's "clipboard".

If you then open Microsoft Word and press "control" and "v" simultaneously, the text you "copied" will be "pasted" into the Word document.

You can then save this document as it is, or convert it to Portable Document Format (PDF).

This can then be emailed to the competition organisers as part of an entry.

As the meerkat says: simples

Paul Sagar

Correction: you must depress the left-hand-button on your mouse.

chris c

"Correction: you must depress the left-hand-button on your mouse."

When I think about blog awards, depression is involved - but it's nothing to do with the mouse.


There is an exception to your point: when they choose the nominations for TV awards (in the US at least), actors are asked to provide the best example of their work i.e. choose an episode or two.

"Well, there's no money for the blog award so pfffft to that"

Guess who's the libertarian?

Paul Sagar


Tim's standard reply at this stage is "actually, I'm a classical liberal".

Make of that what you will...


Ha ha, you're just afraid you'll lose!


When I win awards I get a payrise and can trade on them when I move job. But then again, I work in advertising.


The counter-argument is that, in a world where ever more of our conception of value is framed in terms of money, awards like the Orwell prize (and, indeed, knighthoods and Nobel prizes etc) provide a rare opportunity for society (or society's representatives) to appreciate other conceptions of value.

Sure, the mechanics of these awards may not be perfect, but practicibility demands certain constraints and the effect of these award systems, imperfect as they are, in providing some ballance to our system of values is important and worth participating in.

Tim Worstall

"Ha ha, you're just afraid you'll lose!"

"Afraid", no.....but reasonably sure. Which is why to induce the effort to enter there needs to be at least the possibility of a pay off.....

David Morson

Well, the things which matter to me is that someone pats on my shoulder. This is not less than an award for me.


I tuned out of Facebook when the apps got obsessed with ranking. In fact, it was the day I had an email asking me to rank my friends. This sort of thing is inimitable to civilised relations.

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