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February 21, 2010


John Terry's Mum


I lived in the UK for 6 years before moving to Scandinavia.
What an a horrible society the UK is becoming. A place unfit human habitation.

The decline is tragic.


The state is not your friend.
But as long as people vote for extra police powers to supposedly reduce crime, for benefits to remove the risk of poverty, for "free" healthcare, for "free" education, for "free" news and generally expect the state to solve their problems for them the state will continue to gain power- and abuse it. Eventually enough people will come round to this view- I just hope that they can then muster enough power to do something about it
Freedom comes at a price- it means taking your own lumps- and if you're not prepared to do this then expect the state to take not only your liberty but also your money- and don't think that they will actually help the poor, despite their loud protestations.

Paul Sagar

"The common theme here is that these stories show that the state is not a rational force for justice, but rather a means of bullying the vulnerable whilst handing cash over to its favourites."

Yes, welcome to politics.

"The modern state is a form of association which successfully claims the monopoly of a legitimate use of force over a given territory".


Well, Osborne is a buddy of more than a few Russian "oligarchs" so promoting policies that led to their enrichment seems consistent at least.


About informing on benefit cheats -- what a great idea! I think I can see my way to making a few bob here. All I have to do is "inform" on every person I can locate who is on benefits, whether I know they're cheating or not.

Statistically, a couple of them are bound to prove to be slightly bent, and I get a slice of the deal, at no cost to me.

The honest ones are a bust, but again, no cost to me. So its profit, profit, profit all the way.

Just going to pop off and lock my conscience in the safe for a while...


Wasn't it bad enough last time Lloyds decided to take so many risks it almost went bust and several of its Joe Public shareholders complained that they had put their life savings into it and wanted some compensation, having assumed that a bank was a sure thing?

If politicians can't even learn from recent history, we may be in trouble, for surely the warning "Share prices may go down as well as up" won't sink in any further this time round, having roughly the same impact as the phrase "Smoking kills", which most people hear only as an empty threat that might only happen at some point in the distant future, and probably to someone else at that.


Quite. And no party's friends ever include the unemployed whatever they say.

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