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March 07, 2010


Tom Freeman

"Taxpayers will have to help repay all that debt... They know that means tax increases"

But wouldn't Redwood also argue that tbe route to higher tax revenues is lower tax rates?

John Terry's Mum

Let's call him "Jedwood" from now on.

Ralph Musgrave

I’ve read several of John Redwood’s blogs over the last year or so. He’s an intelligent man, but on economics he is completely hopeless.


"Jedwood" - I love it!

By the title of this blogpost I had assumed it refered to Christopher Hitchens' revalations that he's slept with two Tory ex-ministers... That says more about my mind than anything else, lest Mr Redwood and his lawyers be reading this!


I suspect part of the problem is that many of Mr Redwood's persuasion view debt as an ethical issue. For them, debt is 'bad'. They apparently can't see that debt is critical to the operation of a modern economy.


What do you mean by "Or it might be he's incapable of seeing that the private sector can sometimes fail catastrophically?"Do you think it accounts for a reason?

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