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March 12, 2010



Odd that you list QE as a policy that has benefited you. Surely as an economist you understand that while it may have increased the number of pennies in your bank account, it also diminished the value of those pennies. The Gord giveth and the Gord taketh away.


Well your nice big pension should mean you are less reliant on public coffers in your old age, surely?

Plus the govt policy means v. low interest rates meaning you have to invest in stocks/funds - perhaps more risky?

john b

"it also diminished the value of those pennies"

No, it didn't. As an economist, I understand that. As an idiot, you don't.


you haven't avoided paying tax by putting money in a pension, you have merely deferred paying tax. The tax rate when you eventually decide to take it as income is anyone's guess.


Like Kent Brockman, I prefer to call it "tax avoision".

Steve Hemingway

I thought that Oxford didn't allow Economics to be studied as a single-honours subject, but insisted that it be diluted with other, more respectable subjects, at least at the undergraduate level.

Trevor Brown

we're all winners then....surely not?

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