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March 02, 2010



Why does it have to be a book?

You could have your own show. Like Screenwipe with economics instead of sarcasm.


Agree with Adam. Would be fun to have you on TV. Cant assure you will win ratings because you wont be dumb.


Hm she always reminds me a bit of Carol Vorderman crossed with Esther Rantzen. Until she speaks, of course. But there might be an economic thesis on how she went after the extremely ugly man standing behind her. Couldn't possibly be a) money b) power c) self interest, could it?


Thanks chaps, but you wouldn't want me on TV - I've got the face for radio and the voice for teletext.
Then again, this hasn't stopped Adrian Chiles.
@ Kinglear - 2 theories. One is proximity. Women don't go for men who are good-looking or rich or clever - they go for men they meet.
The other is that that, in personal qualities, there's a reverse endowment effect - people don't value what they have. So intelligent men don't go for intelligent women, thinking brains are over-rated, and good-looking women don't go for good-looking men.


Adam, don't you mean Arsewipe?


Anyway, the One Show is an awful bourgeois show. Perhaps a Marxist analysis of Ms. Bleakley would suffice?

Personally, I think you went into the wrong area. If you'd gone into subprime, well, you may have got your own mortgage sluts:


Ah the joys of capitalism!

Right, back to devising a GOSPLAN for pornography...


"Women ... go for men they meet."

I did not know that.


My father used to ask every good looking woman he met if she fancied sleeping with him. Apart from that being the wrong question (No I don't FANCY sleeping with you), he used to say that it was astonishing how many actually said they would.So I guess, Chris, your thesis that women go for men they meet could be right. I do know quite a lot of good looking women who have deliberately set out to find men who are rich - they don't seem to bother too much about good looking and clkever. Who says women are shallow?

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