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May 08, 2010


Paul Sagar

The plausible answer I've heard from Pol Science types is that the media can't tell people what to think, but it can tell them what to think ABOUT.

Hence, immigration is a huge issue, but contra-Murdoch people still voted Labour.


What Paul said. All the papers have their world views, that day after day slowly chip away at people's perspective of reality. How else do you explain the fear of crime is rising nonsense? Or "political correctness"/"'uman rites" garbage beliefs?

Andrew Neilson

Yep. And yet politicians will still see their success from day to day as framed by the media, and will still come up with policy initiatives to get a good headline. Meanwhile, the media continue to tank their paying readership and viewing figures. It's a funny old world.

Luis Enrique

although if their objective was "predict the winner" we'd see 100% back the Tories, so doesn't this just reveal newspapers have some incentive to back the winner?

Or will the Tories simply be better for business if you are a media mogul (less regulation etc.?)

people have suggested commercial motives for the FT and Economist backing the Tories, but I can't really see what's in it for them.

Big Fez

The irony of the papers 'coming out' for their preferred party is that this is probably their least effective way of swaying opinion. It wouldn't matter if the Sun hadn't explicitly backed Cameron, they had been effectively (and more effectively)doing so for the last year anyway.

People don't like being told what to think, but if you tell them the 'objective facts' of the news and let them make their own mind up you can surely influence their opinions.

It's true that this is hard to establish satisfactorily with a sample across different media, as it is possible that people read the daily mail because they are idiots to start with. It should be possible to survey, for example, the sun readership over time though. Don't the sun do this themselves in fact?

Rav Casley Gera

Incidentally, with regard to the scum, apparently the BNP vote actually more than doubled - it was just too evenly distributed for them to do well electorally.

Which I'm sure will come up in any discussions of STV...

Fred Kapoor

I believe the media has a lot of influece on certain target audiences. And that influence is only on some subjects. Not for everything. However, sometimes the media is not well managed. If it was well managed it'd be a lot more influential and powerful.

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