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July 18, 2010



It's clearly the Dark Lord's attempt, on behalf of the party, to shaft some of the up and comers and to lay the blame for the previous 13 years on the shoulders of two men, in order for Labour to rise, Lazarus like, from the ashes.


I'm not sure that politics was ever personality free, but I do find the idea that people might voluntarily choose to read this or Alastair Campbell's own fish-and-chip-wrappings-to-be fairly amusing.

I think that it is laughable to suggest that either Campbell or Mandelson might serve up a really emotionally and intellectually honest account of new labour, rather than tossing off some junk that merely earns its authors a nice sum and possibly settles a few scores (if the reader is really lucky).

Mark@Life Insurance

I also thought it was about politics and all the dirty stuff that the world has but I was disappointed.


pressing their face against a window, hoping for a glimpse into more glamorous lives

Completely wrong, at least for Big Brother. More like pressing their faces against a rats' cage, for a retch-inducing stare at the filthy, miserable creatures inside.


Politics itself has never been personality free, but anyways they can always glimpse for a more glamorous life. I only wish Blair and Brown could finally settle this, it's so irritating. Haha.

-The Growth masters.

Peter Risdon

"But then we want politicians to fulfil the same role as Kerry Katona - to give us something to gossip about."

Yes, that's right. This is because we don't want public life to be organised. We have no interest, let alone enthusiasm, for political ideas. Basic, pragmatic management of services and infrastructure is what we want, not to be following a Great Leader into the sunrise.


"If the quality of government can be materially diminished by its leaders dysfunctional characters and relationships, isn’t this a case for reorganizing government to make it less dependent upon individuals - to downgrade the significant of “leaders”?"

I'd say that it's far more a case for less government all together.

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