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August 31, 2010



Asif has played in the IPL so would have already made big money there. Amir is (was) a bright up and coming star bowler who undoubtedly would have got an IPL contract next year.

So to say they were not making money is nonsense. And the amount of money they were making should not be compared with what foreign players get, because livings costs are considerably lower in Pakistan. I bet you can live like a king in Karachi if you are a Pakistani international cricketer, not least because of the fame and prestige such a selection brings, apart from the cash.

It is insulting to international sportsmen around the globe to suggest that its OK for players to throw games, or indulge in sharp practices, just because they make less money than other players. Cheating is cheating, whether you are paid peanuts or millions.

Asif, Amir & Butt have lives the vast majority of Pakistanis could only dream of achieving. And they have thrown it all away for pure greed. Hopefully they will suffer the consequences.

Luis Enrique


I'm not sure the OP argues cheating is OK, more that it's more likely to occur in certain circumstances.


Good article. but it should be better called: the relative poverty falacy. Because, it not only happens to high paid people.

Alex C

A lot of the reason that Pakistan players are paid comparatively little is that there is a lot less money coming into their game than other countries. Partly it's because the country is poorer relatively than other countries but a much of it has to do with funding from international matches and their TV coverage, as well as attendances at matches. The reason that they can't command so much for the TV rights etc is that interest is low and that is due to the long term endemic cheating in their sport.
From ball tampering, to drug taking to spot/match fixing , virtually every one of cricket's nasty little secrets has been uncovered there in the last decade, and they don't help themselves by overturning their self-imposed bans as soon as they think no-one's looking.
Part of the reason Pakistan players are not bid on in the IPL auctions has to be that the competition is too big financially to risk players for whom corruption is so endemic. For the chairman not even to be able to say his team were innocent was pretty damning.

It seems, from the point of view of a long term cricket fan, that the only way to get rid of the corruption at the heart of Pakistan cricket is not to feed it.

I had hoped, after the tragic demise of Bob Woolmer, that Pakistan might do the necessary thing and voluntarily step back from test level cricket for a number of years, and believe that this is the only way that they can regain the trust of the rest of the cricketing world, and thereby build a team who knows that cheating of this kind will result in permanent bans and drive corruption from the sport properly.

It's particularly tragic that Mohammed Amir is embroiled in this - his bowling this series has been not just world class but beautiful, considered and shows the promise of a future legend of the sport.

In terms of their commitments I feel that a World XI could complete this series and pass the existing commitments onto Ireland - who have to be the next in line for test status.

dereck pringel

Asif has played in the IPL so would have already made big money there. Amir is (was) a bright up and coming star bowler who undoubtedly would have got an IPL contract next year.

Pakistani players are currently banned from the IPL.

The rest of your post falls apart similarly.

ali h

That is an interesting take on what has happened, and I think there may well be some truth in it. We are not good at comparing ourselves to those worse off than us, because essentially we are programmed for survival, so we need to always be better than those ahead of us.

british gp

I can't belive how lightly some people are accepting the fixing scandal. I'm sure the guys had their own reasons and I don't want to judge them, but match fixing ruins sports and that I can't accept!

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