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September 18, 2010



I note the careful choice of a rare photo of Girls Aloud in which they are wearing long skirts (for them).


I think that given the numbers of said bankers taking their nieces to lunch in expensive restaurants, they are to be commended for their dedication to research?


That conclusion is totally gratuitous - you just wanted to get Victoria Coren and short skirts into the same post. And I for one thank you.

Nick Cohen

"Bankers have no reason - other than those shared by all men - to like short skirts," with this comment you reveal the deep-seated homophobia of this blog. Unless you buy me beer, I will denounce you in the liberal press as worse than the Pope.

Cliff Tolputt

Mm! I'm sure concealment is the key to allurement. The imagination will always outdo reality in things sensual.


Girl's can wear short/skirt but not too short or mini. And be careful of those boys who are rude!! They don't respect girls.

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