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September 07, 2010


Nick Rowe

There's human capital, which needs investment to create.

And there's human "land", which we are born with.

Paolo Siciliani

The two reasons are also linked. optimists cope better with set backs which is what you need when you have to give in to your boss on something you disagree with in principle (that is, the essential asset of a yes-man).
I guess that with the financial crises it has turned out that many of those delusional traders were uber-optimists.
The problem is that I guess the mantra is to link optimism with enthusiasm at work, which is not necessarily the truth.


You could perhaps have mentioned IQ, which isn't 'a strange thing' but is a pretty strong indicator. A handsome, tall, married optimist with an IQ of 80 isn't likely to be a top earner.



perhaps there's nothing special about earnings, perhaps optimists are simply more successful in ALL walks of life.

- The optimist in me believes that is so
- The pessimist in me believes it as well.

Bill Gilmore

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