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September 09, 2010


Paul Sagar

The last word on this should go to yesterday's Daily Star, which ran the immortal headling:


Luis Enrique

very good.

(but does it work? In the market for lemons, owners of good cars don't want to sell at prevailing price because car is worth more to them. Are good (discrete) prostitutes in possession of a good which is worth more to them than blabber mouths?)

Luis Enrique

I mean discreet don't I.

Matthias Sammer

presumably she sold her story because the NOTW were going to reveal her identity anyway - they weren't discreet and plenty of people knew about rooney's antics. so ms thompson chose to sell her story knowing if the truth's going to come out anyway, she might as well get rich off it...?

Niklas Smith

Matthias Sammer has an important point, much as I enjoyed your economic analysis. Remember that Brooke Magnati was forced to "out" herself in the Sunday Times when the Mail got wind of her identity; I don't think she would have done that had the gutter press kept their noses out of her private life.


Is PR really a common alternate career path for prostitutes? As a PR exec I'm a little offended.


One marginal point. Maybe Rooney did not pay for the sex.
One famous LA madam, caught in a scandal that included actors and other famous and rich people, was asked why those people needed to pay for sex. After all, there were plenty of women willing to do it for free with them (yes, even with Rooney).
They do not pay for the sex, she answered, they pay for the woman to leave after.
Ah, the eternal masculine !

john malpas

I am surprised that such famous people do not have 'friends' who may lean on such a woman rather heavily. After all beauty is a fragile thing.

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