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October 10, 2010



I think if politicians understood the scientific method they would make much better decisions in a huge range of topics, from climate change and energy policy to recreational drugs
If more policies were properly backed up by decent science and randomised controlled trials rather than dogma, conjecture and anecdotes we would be in a much better position
The ceasefire project (evidence based violence disruption) being an excellent example


"radical critiques of hierarchical capitalism require in-depth understanding"

True, but that would only be grounds for criticising Miliband in a different world than this one. I don't think Ed Balls's best friend would say that he would have brought a radical critique of hierarchical capitalism to the job.

Luis Enrique

"radical critiques of hierarchical capitalism require in-depth understanding"

A touch of question begging there. What makes you so sure a superior intellect wouldn't see those radical critiques to be deluded and naive?

Kate Belgrave

So cynical, and cynically accurate, that my watery old eyes are watering.

"...But then, the function of managerialist politics is precisely to uphold the existing order..."

Exactly, and that is why we ground-gubbers continue to question existing political structures, no matter how often we're told that Labour's are somehow 'better.'

Churm Rincewind

"Political journalists can’t or won’t understand anything more than a soundbite."

You do yourself an injustice.

Mark Fox

I agree, however there is a derivative within this thought that is missing in my opinion. The TV media does not fully understand nor convey any true perspective. Its hard to do when the average attention span of the American adult is twenty minutes. You combine this with phone calls, kids, commercial breaks. There is also the situation of the news coming from so many different views that it is extremely confusing to adults. However, pull up Charlie Rose October 12th, Timothy Geithner interview. He goes through and explains in full detail exactly what happened and is happening in the economy. However, the average American adult's attention span is 20 minutes and well its 60 minutes long and on PBS. It's an education problem within the audience to receive the message that also must be considered.


quello che stavo cercando, grazie

Chanel Bags

So, as usual, we answered our multiple choice question, were given our clue sheets, and were off. We got the clues to Scott and Julie and Bill, our support team.

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