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October 07, 2010



...plus, of course, there are all those who think 'They' are getting away with something, lounging oround on benefits, sprogging armies of feral kids and living off hard-working taxpayerzzzzzzz...

(Sorry. Drifted off there.)

In other words, it's hard to get people to 'join in' if you've pandered to their sense of resentment for decades.


That's one big problem with (say) privatising schools / hospitals etc.

At present, lots of people give their time and resource to being governors/PTA/playgroup/pre-school volunteers/"Friends of X Hospital" etc. Were these to be profit-making institutions they'd feel they were being taken for mugs.

It wouldn't be as bad if we could reconstitute the spirit of the pre-NHS health service - the Voluntary and Cottage Hospitals, the myriad private health associations set up by and for working people. But the culture and social solidarity which produced them has long gone.


With the greatest respect Chris you must stop dignifying Cameron and Gideon by associating them with serious interlectual ideas,

The Big Society is a con trick!!

If they believed in us all being "in it together" they would be spending more on the Welfare state, not less. As this is the concrete expression of concern by a Democratic and liberal society for all its' members. Thats why it was created by people who really cared for Human flourishing.

The idea that social problems can be sorted by charities and some voluntary work is balls and always has been.

All you are doing chris is expanding the smirk on Gideons face.

The more they cut helped by you, the Daily mail, red pesto ( and the other spiteful fools in the land)the more Gideon can cut his tax bill and those of his rich mates.

Get real and defend the Welfare state you might need it one day and red pesto too!

Jimmy Hill

Does that game really show that people who feel poorly treated will behave anti-socially?

An alternative reading is that once they realise lots of other people are cheating they are more likely to cheat themselves.

The causal mechanism then isn't that because they have been wronged they want to wrong others, but that there is an advantage to be gained by adopting a certain strategy and there seems to be little social stigma about it (given that so many people are doing it).

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