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October 08, 2010


Chris Purnell

Surely all that this is saying is that I care more about the sick person next door more than the (anonymous) 2 million who die of AIDS. Disassociated 'caring' without a hook is literally impossible. There has to be a narrative underpinning the concept to act as an intellectual driver.

john Terry's Mum

I strongly recommend Nick Davies book "Dark Heart" an exploration of what is being hidden in Britain today. Beyond compelling.


As the "X Factor" is now obviously an immigration status competition, rather than a singing one, I'm going to win it next year. I can't sing a note; but I've got the best Visa.


If she hadn't gone on the X Factor, then hardly anyone would care if she was deported or not.


A bit like how I feel about groups of people and individuals of these groups. I find my self making gross generalisations about people, cultures, and nations but in reality when I meet said people from these groups, cultures, nations invariably get on with them. I think it goes the same way people behave in groups in ways they would never as an individual.


I don't know more about Britain,but when she sings that 'make you feel my love', I really cry, not for her story or anything, just deeply touched by her voice and emotion. It's a pity she has to leave.

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