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October 13, 2010



This suggests there are growing numbers of people wanting to top up their pensions with work - which is hardly a sign of a prospering economy.


It is an indication that a growing number of over 65s feel their pension is too small and they think they will be able to get a job.

For better or worse I think it is a sign that the days when we worked for one company most of our lives and we could trust them to provide for us in our old age is gone, but not enough time has gone by to get that message embedded in our culture.


Why worry about unempliyment Chris?

If your Gideon osbourne more unemployment means cheaper servants and more black prostitutes to service his male member so its all good.

It is very important to remember that our priority is to punish the Disabled, who made the lifestyle choice of having a disability; and the kids who chose the wrong parents
by cutting their benefits!!

Get on board Chris or people will think your some left wing weido who believes in hunane ideas!


By the way Andrew No!

Its time to get the idea, "embedded in our culture" that the state should give all a decent pension when they are old rather than force people to drag their old bodies into work to avoid starvation.


The global recession is still here, we just forgot about it because of other things running around the world like celebs getting rehab. People forget, get dumb and numb.

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