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November 18, 2010


Paolo Siciliani

But, what about the broad concerns for income inequality? I thought this ideology was back on the rise again.

Paolo Siciliani

To follow up from my previous comment, guess this link is spot on...


Fairness is not a word, it has 20 odd meanings in the dictionary and a hundred more in the wider world.

Equity is a real word, implying you have a interest in the outcome or in the meaning off what you are being told.

"its is not in your interest that the state is so large and eats up too much of your labour (social equity) to sustain its current size"

The upper lower middle

Here are four meanings of equity:
If you're going to stick to words that only have a single meaning, you're going to seriously restrict yourself (even this sentence would be impossible).


If high earners are as clever as their condervative defenders believe they are, why would they be deceived by false ideas about equity?

Warren Buffet and bill Gates seem to think inheritance taxation is fair despite being wealthy themselves. So not all people potentially affected by redistributive policies are against such policies. Unless you think them insincere?
Benjamin Graham also defended the Capital gains tax in his day.


Gentlemen - the notion of what's "really" fair is irrelevant to my post. All that matters in this context is individuals' perception of fairness.

john malpas

does not 'fairness' mean someone wants to put a thumb in the scales of the reward for endevour ?

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