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December 20, 2010


chris y

Would this really be a big deal?

Well, could be worse, I suppose.


Well, that's all rather depressing.

Luis Enrique

can we arrange for sperm banks to pay people with said happiness genes a large premium?


Thanks for the nice post!

Churm Rincewind

Well there may not be a happiness gene, but there is certainly a happiness hormone - serotonin - which is widely accepted to be associated with feelings of well-being, and an individual's serotonin levels may well be affected by his or her genetic makeup, as this study suggests.

For those not blessed genetically, though, there are more immediate solutions at hand which affect serotonin levels, like ecstasy or LSD.

But somehow I feel that these are not what David Cameron has in mind.


"such policies affect the middle of the happiness distribution. They might raise people from “can’t complain, I suppose” to “not so bad really.” Would this really be a big deal?"

No, but raising people from "don't get me started" to "can't complain" would be.

The value of raising the average depends where you think the current average is.


Thanks for the nice post.
But its ironical that happiness comes when our desires are fulfilled, while desires drags us away from the happiness.
Please comment if I'm wrong.Might be my expressions are not up to mark but i hope you can understand what i want to say.

Any ways, nice post.

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