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December 31, 2010



Or as Hayek put it, “One’s initial surprise at
finding that intelligent people tend to be socialists diminishes when one realises that, of course, intelligent people will tend to overvalue intelligence.”

we will of course make objective deletions to the list.


"Mr Sheridan follows Oscar Wilde and Lord Browne"

Interesting comparison. A lecturer in German history said to me once, in the context of Ernst Röhm's private life, that for a German politician to be involved in a gay sex scandal is *really* scandalous - it's like a British politician being involved in a straight sex scandal... Perhaps there's an Anglo-Scottish difference there too.

Mark Victorystooge

An intelligent post, this.
TS seems to me to have had an exaggerated faith in his own ability to talk people around to doing what he wanted, whether they were his own former comrades in the SSP, or a jury. His repeated sacking of his barristers also suggests great faith in his own ability to be his own lawyer.

robin percyz

This post was very poignant. I appreciated the statement regarding intelligence being relative to context. It is interesting to juxtapose your idea of "chess player" with that of a "medical doctor." While the doctor is, arguably, regarded as collectively more intelligent, he/she would be unable to match the intelligence of a chess player; simply based on contextual intelligence.

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