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December 18, 2010



Blog of the week. Thing is though, lefties do not recognise facts if they do not fit into their socialist paradigm and actively deny them.


But it goes back a long way. I think I can recall Richard Hoggart describing it is a parody of working class life when it was first broadcast.


'Yes, anyone with book-learning and ambition, such as Todd Grimshaw or Andy MacDonald, leave two-up, two-downs.'

Quite so. That's what Terry Leahy did.

Luis Enrique

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Churm Rincewind

Excellent post. And what makes the original comment on Labour Uncut even more fatuous is that even the most casual student of popular culture cannot fail to notice the extent to which the Bernstein family's long term commitment to the Labour cause was a key informant of Granada's programming over many decades, and casts a long shadow even today.


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