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January 06, 2011



Definitive evidence we should have chosen David over the Fraggle.

Phil Ruse

Anne Widdecombe. Phwoarrrrrrrr...


Ridiculous, Anthony - Milibands look like rejected Henson creations.

Best bet would've been Burnham if we're judging solely on looks.

Best not to let him talk, though.


Eric Pickles is the exception that proves the rule... or something.

plashing vole

Funny - my friend decided that Gove looks like a fish and made me a bottle of Govefish oil. Pictures here:

So much for the idea that politics is showbusiness for ugly people. Perhaps rightists vote on looks because they're shallow and unconsciously believe in 'good breeding'. Perhaps rightwing politicians are better looking because they've never done any hard work, work short hours and can afford better food/cosmetics/clothes etc?


So maybe there is MORE in Silvio Berlusconi than we think: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/feb/28/silvio-berlusconi-single-man-showgirls ?


I think I see what you mean: the lovechild of Edwina Curry and John Major would have conquered the world.


I knwo that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but aren't there are a few passable lefties?


This is old news. Oswald Mosley used to say "vote Labour, sleep Tory".


Perhaps you also ought to ask why lefties are ugly? Or why are better looking people right wing?

Whereas us who are neither right or left are absolutely gorgeous. Get yourself a libertarian


Is the gratuitous blonde girl part of the government's new recruitment scheme? "We want members for our Coalition..."


@Technomist, it's fairly obvious that most attractive public figures are left wing or at least liberal, purely because most artists and public media types are left-wing, and those are the public careers most selected for attractiveness. Compare the list of celebrity endorsements for democrat and republican candidates- but now compare the actual politicians, the trend reverses.

The article is talking about politicians though: either the set of candidates applying for right wing nominations is more attractive, or the primary/candidate selection mechanisms in rightist parties places a higher premium on good looks. I suspect it's the latter, a symptom the left's general disdain for electability and perceived shallowness


Have you considered whether it could be a reflection of the respective sizes of the talent pools?


Well, seeing as the Tories are broke, this could mean George Osborne calendars out in time for next Christmas. Would they be zero-rated for VAT?


That's because socialists don't smile.....but they haven't a lot to smile about really.


`At 50, everyone has the face he deserves', as George Orwell remarked, so if righties are better-lookign than lefties it is perhaps because they are better people.


I have also found that lefties smell a bit.

chris y

Funny - my friend decided that Gove looks like a fish

No. At least to those of a certain age, Gove looks like Archie Andrews. The body language is also strikingly similar.

Tom Addison

Jesus Christ who is she? And, um, is she legal?


Miss Emily Jane Atack is indeed lovely and she turned 21 on December 18th. Good luck, lads.

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