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January 25, 2011


Jimmy Hill

Can statistics really do all the important legwork here?

The links you provide show that women earn less than men, but this doesn't necessarily mean that discrimination is taking place.

To find out why there is a difference in pay we need to assess the various mechanisms that may lead to these outcomes. This may involve qualitative studies of women in the work place and the decisions they make and their experiences.

Surely these types of approaches would compliment statistical methods, and in some instances tell us even more than just numbers?

Grumpy Old Man

If you get the chance, read David Grey's book, "The Two Liberalisms". He covers the philosophy of minority power through instigating guilt in the majority in detail.

chris y

"Right-wingers who look at a few gay or feminist activists and infer that gays and women generally have power are as daft-headed as left-wingers who look at Toby Young or James Delingtwat and infer that all right-wingers are whiny, vacuous, self-promoting little pricks."

Quite right. There's plenty of quantifiable evidence that right-wingers are whiny, vacuous, self-promoting little pricks without resorting to this sort of fallacy.

James Delingtwat

No, no, no. That's really really not fair.

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