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January 22, 2011



Would people really accept such low pay?

As an unemployed young person let me the first to say that selling blood, prostitution and compost toilets would hold far greater appeal.


"All he gives us is a glib Econ 101 assertion."

Isn't that exactly what we've all come to expect from the Adam Smith Institute, though? The recent post arguing against paying interns is similarly blinkered.


Am I right in saying that youth unemployment is 33% (as in % of those looking for work)? I remember this point being made about French unemployment (by D2) that the %, although obviously far too high, look higher than they actually are.


@Matt - among those not in full-time education, the unemployment rate is 15.7 per cent. However, there are more economically inactive than there are registered unemployed.


there's a paper by monica threlfall from the royal statistical society on your point http://www.radstats.org.uk/no088 Threlfall88.pdf

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