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February 21, 2011


chris strange

The protestors where even less hierarchical than Mubarak's hired help. To continue the financial analogy it was effectively composed of individual entrepreneurs rather than the firms (as the Krays might have called them) hired by Mubarak.


Our economy is drowning because of some reasons which are not actually important. Just like of this blog. Why do we need to pay for another group of people for our protection, which are supposed done y our police and army. It costs too much to do such thing. Instead ,of having that idea, what if let just focus to the assets of our government and let us just preserve and use them wisely.


So OK why do we assume that mercenaries recruited from literally dirt-poor countries are more expensive than Libyan regulars?

Certainly flying in elite former-Spetsnaz commandos from Russia might cost a lot - but Zimbabweians, Sudanese and Chadians?

They may well just be paying a few hundred of these guys $10 a day plus a license to loot and rape.

And Gaddafi owns an entire oil-rich country - there is almost literally no limit to how much money he has to spend on his personal survival.

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