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February 08, 2011


Adam Bell

On (1) it's not the case that charities were always in receipt of state funding - although that began under the Conservatives, who mandated ministers to procure services from non-profits, it expanded significantly under Labour.

(2) is a colossal assertion linked to the quite frankly bizarre conclusion of (3), which is that since people aren't capable of thinking for themselves right now we should think for them instead, so there can't be any new agents of change.

I fear you've fallen precisely into the trap I discussed in this post: http://declineofthelogos.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/labour-phronesis-and-the-big-society/. I am puzzled as to why you'd do that, unless there's some sort of hidden socialist assumption that I'm missing.

Richard Ager

it is an arrogance for Cameron to assume there are no people volunteering already. Sports clubs, school governors and charities are just a few examples of what happens anyway. With the cuts affecting everything from libraries to Sure Start centres, from the NHS to local government, from basic services to the right of those who cannot afford it legal services, the air of defeat and depression is palpable. How can those still in work give more time as they are having to run harder to earn a lower purchasing power; those without work as a result of cuts will feel personally insulted and demeaned and so will have no motivation.


Surely not surprising that the bid society is a big lie?

Did anyone really take this rubbish at face value?

When will we have some real political debate here in the uk rather than thacherism with a human face? An oxymoron if ever a idea qualified.


sorry "Thatcherism" I meant to spell.

Is the old bag still alive?

I cant wait for the state funeral and black borders everywhere. And the absurd praise for the class warrier.

Will Cam and gideon pay for the event with a whip round in accordance with the big society?


1. We elect the state to do our squabbling and to run the show. Running the show is difficult, expensive and raises nasty dilemmas - hard luck. Charities do the work cheaply and isolate the blame, but it costs - so what!

2. As Joe Public sees it Cameron already has an army of useless people working for him. But he can't afford to get rid of them and he can't get any useful work out of them either. Well I'm certainly not volunteering to do the work Cam's employees should be doing and I'm not taking orders from Cam's rich mates either.

3. I reckon Cam is in a hole and his only way out is some revolutionary thinking and some rough play. Start by scrapping the Green Belt and give councils 90 days to do the zoning - or have it done for them. Tough centralisation and taking responsibility for the flak is the only way.

chris strange

1. Not all charities are fake charities, there are plenty that get by without a penny of state aid: the RNLI for example. The RNLI did once try taking state money but found that its total revenues dropped because people stopped giving voluntarily since they were already been forced to contribute through taxation.

2. The fact that there are so many charities that are little more than self propagating lobbying machines is not necessarily a good thing for those the charities where originally set up to help since it is just a recipe for producer capture.

3. Why do you assume that it was "narcissistic individualist consumerism" that made people less likely to start up voluntary organisations, and not expecting to have everything handed to you on a plate and paid for by taxation? The victorian period was if anything a more about individualistic consumer society than today, with many do-gooders being total narcissists, yet it produced many voluntary organisations concentrating on a wide range of issues that were not reliant on state funding.

Kids Nike TN

The victorian period was if anything a more about individualistic consumer society than today, with many do-gooders being total narcissists,

red bottom

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