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February 09, 2011



Your first four posts are spam? That's pretty bad.


not now, they,re not.


Possibly the spam bots were the only ones who really grasped that penultimate paragraph fully...?


Dont you think Chris it is amazing that some cranks ( soon to be elevated to the cabinet/ House of Lords etc probably ) think that Her Majestys' Treasury will soon default on the National Debt?

We saw off the dutch, Napoleon, the kaiser and Adolf Hitler without default and built the NHS and welfare state all the while paying the Interest since 1710. Now who will you back if you have spare dosh? The cranks or The British Treasury? Lets just hope they manage to work round Gideon and co until more snsible rulers come on tap.


Bit of a "dog bites man" story here Chris is it not, when you point out that Fraser Nelson is talking rubbish again? If he ever does come out with a well argued and thought out piece, now that's worth blogging about. Don't hold your breath though.

Ralph Musgrave

Good post Chris. I’ve read several articles by Kling. I regard him as a total waste of space.

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