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March 14, 2011


Cahal Moran

People are also likely to work harder if they pay more.

Of course, universities realised all of this ages ago, which is why I have yet to see any charge less than £9000, and why I expect the few that do to rise pretty fast.


universities also need to charge £9000 to the students who can/will pay that in order to finance the free/cheap places that they want to offer to students who can't/won't pay it.


Surely people are likely to be more demanding if they pay more than work harder??! I don't watch TV harder on my beautiful 40" Sony than I do on my cheapo Tesco's Technika 17". But I expect more of the Sony than I do of the Technika...


Or ... the cheap pair had poor optical properties. Were the optical properties the same? I've had cheap sunglasses which were nothing more than translucent, vision distorting bits of plastic.

I don't fall for the whole 'designer' label scam - my jeans are Levis (they do longer inside legs than other brands and have a button fly) not Gucci but neither are they Tesco - not sure what anatomical model they use for their cut but it sure ain't like my legs.


@markey, from the paper: "Visual task: Participants wearings unglasses tagged Ray-Ban made fewer errors than those wearing the same sunglasses, but tagged Mango"

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